Private Underwriting Process
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       Our private underwriting process is generally for clients who are
purchasing significant blocks of coverage or have prior health issues.  The
private underwriting process puts our firm and the client in control of
insurance underwriting.  More importantly, the process does not expose
the insured to negative results (if any) prior to submitting a formal, signed
application.  Many insurance professionals will have the client submit a
formal application as the first step in the insurance acquisition process.  
With private underwriting, we evaluate insurability by having multiple
investment-grade insurance companies bid for your business.  Our
objective is to obtain the most competitive offer for the client on informal
inquiry basis  before any formal application is submitted.  This reduces risk
and inconvenience for our clients.

       A formal application will be submitted only after final decisions have
been made.  The ultimate carrier and product selected is often driven by
the results of private underwriting.  Also, in order to mitigate carrier risk,
we would recommend diversifying the coverage among multiple insurers in
the event that the total face amount exceeds $3,000,000.