Tax Planning
   An asset that grows tax-deferred will always be more beneficial than an asset
that has the same return but that return is currently taxable.  
   Take a look at the difference between tax-deferred and currently taxable assets
earning the same before tax rate of 6.0%:
                                                            Taxable        Tax-Deferred
                                                             Asset                 Asset      

Annual Earnings @ 6.0% after 10 Years:      $7,311                $7,908

Less: Taxes @ 28.0% over 10 Years:          
($2,047)                 N/A

Investment Value End of Year 10:               $15,264              $17,908
Difference After 10 Years: $2,644.22

Difference After 20 Years: $8,771.59

Difference After 30 Years: $21,869.24

Difference After 40 Years: $48,469.27
   At the end of 40 years, the tax-deferred investment is nearly double the taxable
investment ($54,287.91 versus $102,857.18).
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   This information is a general discussion of the relevant federal tax laws. It is not intended for, nor
can it be used by any taxpayer for the purpose of avoiding federal tax penalties. This information is
provided to support the promotion or marketing of ideas that may benefit a taxpayer. Taxpayers
should seek the advice of their own tax and legal advisors regarding any tax and legal issues applicable
to their specific circumstances.









   The more successful you are, the bigger the potential tax bite can be – unless
you incorporate tax planning into your financial plan.
                                                           Taxable        Tax-Deferred
                                                            Asset                 Asset

Initial Investment:                                      $10,000             $10,000

Annual Earnings @ 6.0%:                              $600                 $600

Less: Taxes @ 28.0%:                               
  ($168)                N/A

Investment Value End of Year 1:               $10,432             $10,600
 Difference After 1 Year: $168.00
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